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About Life Inspired

An inspiring journey you should experience.

We believe in intuition, knowledge, love, and each other.  There is a spiritual nature and universal belief in love at Life Inspired, that is how the inspiration comes.  Assisting you in finding your inspiration and intuition and taking action is how we help people find and achieve their vision.


Michele L. Ryan, Owner / CEO / Master Coach

Action conquers fear.

~Michele L. Ryan

Michele has been in the field for over 20 years assisting people in seeing past their own limitations.  She has a unique way to connect with the clients and pull them past all the stops so they can achieve the life they want.  She is a Master Coach through Transformation Academy and continues her education each year.  Michele has a passion to reach people and make the world a better place!


Kelly D. Ryan, Marketing Manager

Kelly works in the field of real estate, coaching, and marketing.  Thanks to his years of experience with people and his calm strong personality, he adds so much to Life Inspired and the wonderful people that come through the doors. 


Aubrey Hooley, LPC, MSM, Vizion Coordinator

Aubrey is a licensed therapist and supports the VIZION at Life Inspired.  She assists in the planning and development of the curriculum at Life Inspired while running her own thriving practice.  We appreciate her insights and knowledge in making our coaching business a thriving community. 

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